About me 

hello my pretties or future pretties I’m Jess !

I’m a single mommy living in Alexandria, Virginia with my five year old daughter. My life is restarting right now so it’s hard for me to define exactly what I’m all about … haven’t figured it out yet.

However some things never change like my love for food , crocheting , music and making things. I’m a huge heavy metal fan, crocheter and pretend knitter. I’ve been cooking for years and I’m a chef by trade. I literally try to make everything be it successful or not. I enjoy being with my family and friends who mean everything to me.

I have an Etsy shop called The pretty sinister store where I sell handmade jewelry and crocheted clothing and accessories.

Click link for the Etsy store

My best friend is my sister Jenn and we have a YouTube channel called Sprinkles and Threads … go check that out please.

Click the picture to view the channel !

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