Easy chicken pot pie

Last nights dinner ! I made chicken pot pie 🥧. Now let me tell you something. I never made this before and it was fucking delicious. I didn’t make the prettiest pie 🥧 but it tasted so delicious 😋 you’d slap me! And it’s easy as pie 🥧… gotta have some pie puns .

Pot pies are a wonderful comfort food and there’s really no specific way to do it . Honestly put whatever you want inside . It’s a great way to use leftovers ! Believe me . Left over fish 🐠, left over beef 🥩 chicken 🍗… doesn’t matter


Chicken breasts

Carrots 🥕

Russet potatoes 🥔


White onion 🧅

Pie crusts ( you can buy premade)

Heavy cream

Chicken stock

Salt 🧂 And pepper to taste

Tarragon (cause I love it )

Garlic and onion powder (cause that’s your business)

Butter 🧈

Wanna know why there’s no measurements? Because I’m not your parent I I can’t tell you what to do!

Easy instructions: sauté the vegetables … carrot 🥕, onions and celery… season at this point. I cooked the potatoes in the microwave for 5 minutes. It’s quicker and easier and I’m not doing all this complicated preparations . Remove from pan and cook and sauté chicken … please season. Season with salt, pepper, tarragon and garlic and onion powder. When chickens browned and ready add chicken stock and cream.

Season if needed but thicken with corn starch and make a gravy like consistency. Don’t add the cornstarch directly to the hot liquid… please add to cold water to dissolve then add to the hot liquid. Once you got the gravy good 😌 add the veggies and potatoes to the sauce and mix nicely. This is your filling !

Taste it and make sure it’s good and rich and lovely ! There’s no turning back now . I sprayed a 9 inch pie pan with cooking spray just to make sure there would be an easy release. Then fill the 9 inch pie pan with the filling. Now here’s the super easy part don’t make your own crust go to the store and buy that shit!!! I got regular pie crust 9 inches and round ! Easy ! Put it on however you want . I pinched the edges and put five cuts in the top for some ventilation, brush on some butter !

In a 400 degree oven cook until golden brown . For my oven it was 25 minutes of baking , As per the instructions on the crust box.

Afterwords you’ll have a lovely delicious and beautiful pot pie, allow to cool this will make it easier to cut.

Enjoy. Make more than one . Sit back and watch something good . Take a moment for yourself you did it !!!

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