Finally a yarn post

I love yarn , I don’t know about you. yarn buying is truly a separate hobby from crocheting and knitting.

Lately I’ve been buying a lot of yarn from independent dyers in support of those during the quarantine, but also in solidarity of companies that don’t stand for me and my values. #blacklivesmatter. I just love the way the squishy stuff! More color the better . In this post I’m gonna share some sellers I’ve purchased from recently.

Hay stacks yarn

Look at these gorgeous skeins ! This has been my favorite yarn I’ve purchased recently . Made by a man who started making yarn for his wife, it was such a sweet story I had to buy some. Super soft with great colors available. You can actually buy the yarn from a Philadelphia yarn shop called wild hand.

Wild hand is also a great place to buy yarn. Located in the city I grew up in Philadelphia, this shop offers many different fiber artist . I got yarn from a few different artists in the pictures below.

Another fiber artist I absolutely love is autumn acorn . When wonderful people make something you can feel the love in that item. Judy over at autumn acorn definitely puts her heart into each skein.

These colors and these yarns all feel truly amazing . If you’re looking to support some fiber artists please consider them!

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