I’m not a vegan …

I’m not a vegan but I tried it a few times. Being a vegan or vegetarian isn’t hard but can become boring every now and then . You have to stay prepared with plenty of easy recipes that can satisfy your cravings. Sometimes for me I just crave a good pasta dish. A great sauce and pasta is a wonderful comfort food.

So one day after a bbq we had recently to remember my mother. Just a small gathering with my brother and sister and I and a couple of friends. I wanted to grill some veggies but it was late , we spent most of the day moving and started late making food. My veggies weren’t grilled all the way. But a day later I had all these grilled veggies, and also a lot of pasta sauce. I find one staple I buy a lot of is always large jars of pasta sauce at bjs.


So I came up with this recipe to use every bit of those veggies.


◦ Yellow squash

◦ Zucchini

◦ Red onion 🧅

◦ White corn

◦ Green and red pepper

◦ Vegan tomato 🍅 sauce

◦ Basil

◦ Oregano

◦ Salt

◦ Pepper

◦ Sugar

Cut all the veggies in half and grill. Grill them to your liking or nice grill marks and flavor finish in the oven. Cut veggies however you’d like. Use your favorite vegan tomato sauce and mix veggies into the sauce . Season the sauce , believe me it’s not ready to go. Use basil, oregano, salt and pepper and sugar to neutralize the tomato sauce. Bring sauce to a boil. Serve over your favorite pasta, in this case bow tie which is beautiful. Easy dinner , great grilled veggie flavor!

Yummy and beautiful

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