New beginnings…

My life changed completely last month when my mother and I contracted covid-19. My mother a nurse on the frontlines sadly lost her life in her battle and that devastation has changed me and my family forever. A month later so much has changed. I’ve moved and I have to relearn how to smile again, and every day is an uphill battle to find peace in this world again. Day after day I’m coming up with new ideas to honor my mother’s memory, Im also coming up with new and inspiring ideas for myself. One of my goals in life was to make my own website and share my experiences, business and ideas with others. Having experienced what I have in just a month I thought it was important to start beginning to achieve these goals.

I started a new business called “The Pretty Sinister Store” before the threat of the virus loomed. I’m quite excited to share more about that in the future.

I’m thrilled to share my new home and how wonderful it is to be able to find a place in the middle of this horrible pandemic.

And of course I’m thrilled to be showing off recipes and crochet and craft projects I’ve been trying and will be trying in the future.

It’s such a tough time right now in the world . From the rising death toll from covid-19 to the unfair racial injustice on black people in america. For a while I won’t be happy go lucky ready to just be ready for normal again. Normal is gone … but I’m ready for the new future that’s coming my way. I made it and survived, I’m gonna keep striving.

It’s spookums. My moms 20 year old cat. At our new home and looking very comfortable.

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