Easy chicken pot pie

Last nights dinner ! I made chicken pot pie 🥧. Now let me tell you something. I never made this before and it was fucking delicious. I didn’t make the prettiest pie 🥧 but it tasted so delicious 😋 you’d slap me! And it’s easy as pie 🥧… gotta have some pie puns .

Pot pies are a wonderful comfort food and there’s really no specific way to do it . Honestly put whatever you want inside . It’s a great way to use leftovers ! Believe me . Left over fish 🐠, left over beef 🥩 chicken 🍗… doesn’t matter


Chicken breasts

Carrots 🥕

Russet potatoes 🥔


White onion 🧅

Pie crusts ( you can buy premade)

Heavy cream

Chicken stock

Salt 🧂 And pepper to taste

Tarragon (cause I love it )

Garlic and onion powder (cause that’s your business)

Butter 🧈

Wanna know why there’s no measurements? Because I’m not your parent I I can’t tell you what to do!

Easy instructions: sauté the vegetables … carrot 🥕, onions and celery… season at this point. I cooked the potatoes in the microwave for 5 minutes. It’s quicker and easier and I’m not doing all this complicated preparations . Remove from pan and cook and sauté chicken … please season. Season with salt, pepper, tarragon and garlic and onion powder. When chickens browned and ready add chicken stock and cream.

Season if needed but thicken with corn starch and make a gravy like consistency. Don’t add the cornstarch directly to the hot liquid… please add to cold water to dissolve then add to the hot liquid. Once you got the gravy good 😌 add the veggies and potatoes to the sauce and mix nicely. This is your filling !

Taste it and make sure it’s good and rich and lovely ! There’s no turning back now . I sprayed a 9 inch pie pan with cooking spray just to make sure there would be an easy release. Then fill the 9 inch pie pan with the filling. Now here’s the super easy part don’t make your own crust go to the store and buy that shit!!! I got regular pie crust 9 inches and round ! Easy ! Put it on however you want . I pinched the edges and put five cuts in the top for some ventilation, brush on some butter !

In a 400 degree oven cook until golden brown . For my oven it was 25 minutes of baking , As per the instructions on the crust box.

Afterwords you’ll have a lovely delicious and beautiful pot pie, allow to cool this will make it easier to cut.

Enjoy. Make more than one . Sit back and watch something good . Take a moment for yourself you did it !!!

Finally a yarn post

I love yarn , I don’t know about you. yarn buying is truly a separate hobby from crocheting and knitting.

Lately I’ve been buying a lot of yarn from independent dyers in support of those during the quarantine, but also in solidarity of companies that don’t stand for me and my values. #blacklivesmatter. I just love the way the squishy stuff! More color the better . In this post I’m gonna share some sellers I’ve purchased from recently.

Hay stacks yarn


Look at these gorgeous skeins ! This has been my favorite yarn I’ve purchased recently . Made by a man who started making yarn for his wife, it was such a sweet story I had to buy some. Super soft with great colors available. You can actually buy the yarn from a Philadelphia yarn shop called wild hand.


Wild hand is also a great place to buy yarn. Located in the city I grew up in Philadelphia, this shop offers many different fiber artist . I got yarn from a few different artists in the pictures below.

Another fiber artist I absolutely love is autumn acorn . When wonderful people make something you can feel the love in that item. Judy over at autumn acorn definitely puts her heart into each skein.


These colors and these yarns all feel truly amazing . If you’re looking to support some fiber artists please consider them!

I’m not a vegan …

I’m not a vegan but I tried it a few times. Being a vegan or vegetarian isn’t hard but can become boring every now and then . You have to stay prepared with plenty of easy recipes that can satisfy your cravings. Sometimes for me I just crave a good pasta dish. A great sauce and pasta is a wonderful comfort food.

So one day after a bbq we had recently to remember my mother. Just a small gathering with my brother and sister and I and a couple of friends. I wanted to grill some veggies but it was late , we spent most of the day moving and started late making food. My veggies weren’t grilled all the way. But a day later I had all these grilled veggies, and also a lot of pasta sauce. I find one staple I buy a lot of is always large jars of pasta sauce at bjs.


So I came up with this recipe to use every bit of those veggies.


◦ Yellow squash

◦ Zucchini

◦ Red onion 🧅

◦ White corn

◦ Green and red pepper

◦ Vegan tomato 🍅 sauce

◦ Basil

◦ Oregano

◦ Salt

◦ Pepper

◦ Sugar

Cut all the veggies in half and grill. Grill them to your liking or nice grill marks and flavor finish in the oven. Cut veggies however you’d like. Use your favorite vegan tomato sauce and mix veggies into the sauce . Season the sauce , believe me it’s not ready to go. Use basil, oregano, salt and pepper and sugar to neutralize the tomato sauce. Bring sauce to a boil. Serve over your favorite pasta, in this case bow tie which is beautiful. Easy dinner , great grilled veggie flavor!

Yummy and beautiful

New beginnings…

My life changed completely last month when my mother and I contracted covid-19. My mother a nurse on the frontlines sadly lost her life in her battle and that devastation has changed me and my family forever. A month later so much has changed. I’ve moved and I have to relearn how to smile again, and every day is an uphill battle to find peace in this world again. Day after day I’m coming up with new ideas to honor my mother’s memory, Im also coming up with new and inspiring ideas for myself. One of my goals in life was to make my own website and share my experiences, business and ideas with others. Having experienced what I have in just a month I thought it was important to start beginning to achieve these goals.

I started a new business called “The Pretty Sinister Store” before the threat of the virus loomed. I’m quite excited to share more about that in the future.

I’m thrilled to share my new home and how wonderful it is to be able to find a place in the middle of this horrible pandemic.

And of course I’m thrilled to be showing off recipes and crochet and craft projects I’ve been trying and will be trying in the future.

It’s such a tough time right now in the world . From the rising death toll from covid-19 to the unfair racial injustice on black people in america. For a while I won’t be happy go lucky ready to just be ready for normal again. Normal is gone … but I’m ready for the new future that’s coming my way. I made it and survived, I’m gonna keep striving.

It’s spookums. My moms 20 year old cat. At our new home and looking very comfortable.